Make an entire team collaborate
Master specific Product Management practices
Learn how to master a specific Product tool


Apply practices to real cases

Based on your needs, we co-create together a workshop to introduce a topic or to focus on specific tools


1. Discover

Identify the participants' needs and the objective we want to reach at the end of the workshop sessions.

2. Co-create

Select together the best facilitation exercises, tools, and methods to reach our objectives. Create the material to animate the sessions (support, virtual board, plan, groups...).

3. Animate

Animate the workshop sessions with the participants we identified or train an internal collaborator to animate them by himself.

The topics we tackle the mostpics

We will define together the topics that fit best your needs, the format, and your participants.

Build a strong
Product Strategy

Create a Product

Identify the product market-fit and improve the user experience

Prototype the MVP
and test it

Define and measure
your success

Master the Product mindset: understand, build, measure

Tools and Methods

Master the best tools to create a successful Product

Product Vision

Product Maturity

Product Canvas


5 Whys


User Journey

UX Wireframes




RICE Scoring

User Story Map


Agile - Scrum


Remote, online

We are organized to work 100% online. We know how to get a lot of value delivered by our workshops, with only remote participants.

In-person, in your offices

Working all together in the same room has proven how powerful it can be. Our workshops can be run in person, in your offices.

Need custom help?

  • You’re looking for your product-market fit ?
  • You’re looking to link your user needs and your business objectives?
  • You’re looking to test, measure and iterate, and to make your decisions based on a data?
  • You’re looking to identify your MVP and to define your next steps?