Product Strategy, made simple.

We're aligning teams for Product success, simply. With a 🙋‍♀️ human-centered and 💛 empathetic approach.

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I can not tell you how good it feels to have someone to guide us like you did on a very tangible way. Thank you also for your kind words and energy.
Trine Veiss Mikkelsen

Trine Veiss Mikkelsen

CEO @ Lykka Village

Human centricity:
our unique way to be the best.

43% of the time of knowledge workers is lost due to communications issues.

🧠 We know it: as a Product Leader, you have so many ideas and initiatives to start, but so little time! The more you speak to users, the more ideas are created. You end up with a lot of ideas, unsure of which one should be prioritized.

🎯 Getting alignment from all the leaders generates friction and frustration. It adds even more complexity to the situation, and it becomes almost impossible to finally make a decision about the next priorities. You end up losing time in endless discussions.

💪 Solving this requires two main skills: 💛empathy, to understand users and align stakeholders, and 💡creativity, to find compromises and get things moving forward, no matter what.

💎 Linky Product is aligning all the teams on the same objectives, focused on the human aspects of Product Management. We are a tight-knit team of human-centered Product Managers. All our team members volunteer on a regular basis to ensure that we stay human-centered, extremely empathetic, and highly creative.


Why working with us?



Live in a world of smooth communications.

We are aligning people, in a human-centered, highly empathetic way. We align people, by clarifying the Product Strategy and removing every possible friction in the process. We create smooth interactions with teams, and focus on users' needs and business objectives.


Grow your product, reaching the expected business goals.

Growth and success are directly linked to how clear the expected outcomes are. We help to implement a simple and repeatable framework while supporting every teams in order to make the product move forward.



Get teams working on high-priority initiatives right away.

We work with short and iterative cycles, so that you never stay stuck and start delivering value as fast as you can. We have a lean and fast approach to Product Strategy: we base the decisions on the data that we have and start moving right now, then we adapt along the way.


Our unique approach

An efficient, repeatable, and simple way to build & execute
your Product Strategy.

A simple framework

We work with a framework we built and validated across years of experience as Product Leaders. We focused on simplicity, alignment and velocity.

💎 The benefit for you is that you are going to move forward, quickly - without adding any complexity. We are simplifying things, not complicating them.

Hand-in-hand process

We work with you to help you execute and benefit from our framework. We help you to set it up in a repeatable fashion.

💎 The benefit for you is that you will really implement a framework, that you can repeat and reuse for a long time. The framework and tools are customized to your needs and reality.

Tight-knit community

We consider our team as a community of highly talented and motivated Product Managers, benefiting from the skills and getting support from each other.

💎 The benefit for you is that your team will benefit from the knowledge of this community as well! Everything that we're learning can be, and will be, re-applied to your own context - seamlessly and easily.

Empathy & creativity

All of our team members are giving time on a regular basis to volunteering for people in need. It develops empathy (it's pretty clear how it does it…), and creativity: it takes a lot of it to help people with so little means.

💎 The benefit for you is that you will work with people that are highly empathetic, and highly creative with strong human-centered soft-skills.


Our services

Product Strategy Workshops

We deploy a suite of workshops, in order to help you set up and clarify your Product Strategy, while aligning everyone around the table.

Product Strategy Execution

We help you execute your Product Strategy, keeping everyone aligned in the long run and ensuring that outcomes are actually delivered

Our tools

We work with a simple framework that we used and validated while working with startups, scaleups, and large companies. We are equipping you with a customized dashboard so that you can update your strategy easily and share it across your teams.


Golden Circle


Product Vision


Product Vision Canvas





User interviews

User Interviews


User Journey


Wireframes Prototypes






RICE Scoring


User Story Map


Product Roadmap


Agile Methodology

Our experts worked with them



I can not tell you how good it feels to have someone to guide us like you did on a very tangible way. Thank you also for your kind words and energy. I think that is what we picked up on too from you.
The results were nothing short of awesome.
We managed to create a system that not only had discoverability at heart, but was easy to use, contribute to and fun.
Linky Product's services played a central role in the development of our product strategy. Valentine and Albin listened to our team and developed a customized service offering that met our needs. Their approach not only allowed us to focus on the priority steps in our product testing, but also to develop a clear and flexible development plan that we continue to use to this day.

We highly recommend Linky Product to any startup or company looking to better understand their users and establish a solid plan of attack.
We're passionate about helping companies scale and Linky Product has helped a handful of our tech companies to upskill their talent, as well as to improve and enhance their product management capabilities.

Their expertise was put on display throughout the interactive workshops they've facilitated, which were both thought-provoking and engaging.

Valentine Hoyet

Co-founder | Product Leader

Valentine is a Product Leader, with a strong background in UX Design. Valentine worked in a diverse set of international companies: Capgemini, Orange, BDC, Ubisoft. She knows how to tackle Products challenges in large companies with huge customer bases. Always having the human first in mind when making a decision.
Her main focus is on creating the smoothest user experience, in order to ensure that the product serve the users & the business.


Albin Poignot

Co-founder | Product Leader

Albin is a Product Leader, with an extended background in Software Development. He successfully led several software Products. He worked for big companies, like Capgemini or Ubisoft, as well as startups like Koolicar or Lightspeed.

His main focus is on defining the right business objectives and understanding the users, in order to ensure that the technology can serve the users and the business.