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Master Product Management to deliver
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We can spread knowledge and expertise of Product Management at multiple levels:
individuals, teams, or even organizations.

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Boost your Product Manager career, learn Product Management best practices and tools



Get guidance from experienced Product Managers to reach your own career objectives


Create powerful Product strategies to reach your market faster and align your organization on the path to success

Product success comes from a strong mindset across the companies and the entire ecosystem

We are helping and providing services for the entire ecosystem



Build strong & product-oriented teams 
Create successful strategies
Align your team and efforts


Become a Product Manager
Master best practices
Develop a real Product mindset


Set your entrepreneurs up for success
Get strong products out of your programs
Ensure your entrepreneurs serve user needs


Starter Kit for Product Managers

Download now our 9 simple and practical templates

We are sharing tools that we tested and approved to align stakeholders and teams on a shared and user-centric vision.


Business Canvas,
ORK Presentation Slides,
OKR Tracking spreadsheet.


Personas Slides,
Competitors Benchmark,
User Journey Template.


Scoring - Priorization Framework,
User Story Map Template,
Roadmap Template.

I can now confidently say that Linky Product blew it out of the water!
The instructors were knowledgeable, patient, (funny) and accommodating. [..] The course itself was structured in a logical way, and every week we touched upon a different aspect of product management. I felt like I was given the tools and the ultimate roadmap on how to proceed and succeed.
Linky Product provided me with the motivation and tactical skills I was missing to dive head-first into my own budding product career. Soon after completing the course, I was indeed hired as a Product Manager!
Olivia Rossi
Product Manager @Startupfest & FWD50
Building products is what I like to do after all I am a full stack developer evolving in the startup area.
But I really wanted to understand the keys that actually make a product successful, understand what customers want, optimize value and prioritize features implementation when you have limited resources.

The Linky product Bootcamp gave me this understanding alongside tools and methodology to focus on the right thing at the right time to deliver value.
Benjamin Marquis
Full Stack Developper & Scrum Master @Spockee

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