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💪 All of our teams and clients have the same challenges: too many ideas, but too little time!
Most of the leaders we meet have too much to deliver and struggle to create ambitious yet achievable strategies.

📦 We created a strong framework allowing to deliver ambitious Product Strategies aligning the teams and ensuring that the prioritized initiatives will support the user needs and the business objectives.


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Valentine Hoyet

Co-founder | Product Leader

Valentine is a Product Leader, with a strong background in UX Design. Valentine worked in a diverse set of international companies: Capgemini, Orange, BDC, Ubisoft. She knows how to tackle Products challenges in large companies with huge customer bases. Always having the human first in mind when making a decision.
Her main focus is on creating the smoothest user experience, in order to ensure that the product serve the users & the business.


Albin Poignot

Co-founder | Product Leader

Albin is a Product Leader, with an extended background in Software Development. He successfully led several software Products. He worked for big companies, like Capgemini or Ubisoft, as well as startups like Koolicar or Lightspeed.

His main focus is on defining the right business objectives and understanding the users, in order to ensure that the technology can serve the users and the business.