Discover our vision, our mission, our history and who is behind Linky Product.

Our Vision

Ensure a lasting and positive impact of new technologies to create a better and sustainable world.

Our Mission

Enhance the management strategy of new software technologies with an eco-systemic, yet simple, practical and human approach.

Our history

We are two passionate Product Managers. We met years ago while crafting new products for a consulting company, as a UX Designer and a Developer – each of us with an expertise area.

During years, we spoke about how crafting quality and successful products is a challenge, and we searched together at how we could use our expertise to help companies build better products, delighting their users. The answer was crystal clear: we had to move to the Product Management area!

We both made the move and enjoyed this position more than anything else during multiple years. Companies after companies, teams after teams, we started to see some common challenges – that we addressed with a powerful mindset and set of tools.

We now want to communicate this knowledge back to the tech communities around us. We are deeply committed to help people become amazing and talentful Product Managers, while helping companies to implement Product Management mindset to reach their full potential.

Our team

Since we met, we shared our dreams, passions, and even our travels. Years after years, we discovered how new software technologies can have a strong impact in creating a better world. 

We created Linky Product to reflect our passion for Product Management,
as well as our human and respectful values.

Co-Founder - Product Manager

Valentine Hoyet

Valentine really enjoys helping people: users, product manager, founder… She always has the human in mind first when making any decision. When she is not managing amazing Products, Valentine cooks a lot, or she is searching for a new wonderful restaurant to discover.

Co-Founder - Product Manager

Albin Poignot

Albin is always looking for a new adventure. Strategizing in order to be able to test new things is what is driving him on a daily basis. When he needs to rest a little, Albin is riding a motorcycle to discover new places. Or he is evading in the virtual world of his favorite video games.


Take action together

Together, build a better and sustainable world

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