Hands-on Product Management Online Bootcamp

Succeed in your dream job, in 9 weeks!

💪 Build your self-confidence.
🎯 Create strategies supporting your decisions.
🧰 We are sharing our secret tips
and coaching you with care along the way.


Our Mission Help people to reach their goals!

🧁 The number of Product Manager job offers is growing by 32% a year. It's more than for Software Developers. Average salary is US$ 88k, while Senior Leaders go up to US$ 200k.

🧁 72% of the Product Managers are mostly or extremely happy with their jobs, because they are getting a bigger impact on the users and the business!

🧁 We want to help Product Managers to build the confidence and expertise they need. Linky Product Hands-on Product Management Bootcamp is all about practicing Product Management skills.

After the Bootcamp
you will have...


Self-confidence in your decisions

You will practice and get feedback from experienced coaches, all this in a safe environment. You will know that you’re doing the right things. And you will be confident enough to sell it to your stakeholders.


Tools to create strategies you will be proud of

Creating powerful Product Strategies is no magic. There are tools to make decisions, and reflexes to have. You will use proven tools, and be able to reuse them right away.


Joined the future-shaping leaders' community

Product Managers are working with the most talented people. You will work hands-in-hands with talented teams as well as with leaders and executives. Your impact on the users and the business will be measurable (and measured)!

The most complete
curriculum I've seen!

💬 That's what our alumni and fellow Product Managers said.

Everything new Product Managers need to start with confidence and success: fundamentals, all tied to activities to practice right away. Even better, we covered leadership - because that’s an often overlooked part of the job.

9 Chapters & 82 Lessons

Fundamentals & Activities

Examples & Tools


1. Introduction & discovery of your strengths

Be aware of the value of your experiences, define your personal goals, and live the experience of being a Product Manager.


2. Role, responsibility and positioning

Understand the mindset and the role of Product Managers on a daily basis as well as expectations & differences with other roles (PO, Project).


3. Product maturity and associated strategies

Analyze the life cycle of a product, the development phases, and introduction of the tools used at each stage.


4. The Why, the users and the market

Build a Product Business Canvas to target and share the vision: the real problem, the users, the competitors, and the product value.


5. The solution, Product design and user feedback

Get started on user-centered design (UX / UI) and prototyping to effectively share ideas and collaborate well with design teams.


6. Business objectives and performance metrics

Define the objectives and metrics of product success and learn to follow the right metrics using the best-selected tools.


7. Priorities, iterations
and MVP

Effectively define priorities to deliver high-value scope for users. Learn how to build an MVP that makes sense.


8. Roadmap, Agile methodologies & Scrum

Effectively present priorities with a roadmap. Learn to deliver efficiently with your product teams, thanks to Scrum.


9. Communication and collaboration

Position yourself and communicate as a Product Leader. Engage your teams and top management. Present in a suitable and effective manner.


What's included

We provide everything you need to succeed!

💬 Live chat support

Your coaches are available on Slack. You can ask them all your questions during the 9 weeks program.

💻 Interactive Online platform

Access all the contents, activities and tools through a user-friendly online portal.

📦 Real Product Strategy

You are going to create a Product strategy from A to Z. You will be able to add this to your portfolio, and be proud of it!

🎖 Verified certificate

At the end of the program, and after you successfully delivered the activities, we are giving you a certificate! You can show it to the world in your LinkedIn profile.

📝 Activities review

Get feedback from your coaches on your Activities. You will know right away what you did well!

🧰 Access to all resources, right away!

You can have access to all the knowledge right away! You can go through at your own pace. 2 weeks or 2 months, it’s up to you.

😍 Clear & simple knowledge

We created our lessons to be fun and easy to read. It’s created specifically so that you can learn while enjoying your time.


Breakdown of a typical week

100% online experience




You will read through the knowledge for the module. Take your time, you can do it whenever you want. You can ask questions to your coaches on the Live Chat at any time.

⏳ 1 – 2 hours per week



You will apply your knowledge to a real case study. You will have to build the documents that Product Managers are delivering. The activities require you to make decisions and throw your own ideas.

⏳ 2 – 4 hours per week



Your coaches will review your activities and share insightful feedback. You will be able to digest the feedback, and resend another version if it’s needed.

⏳ 0.5 – 2 hours per week


Who is our course for?

We created and personalized the course for:

People who want to become a Product Manager, or who started a job as a Product Manager.

People who want to learn how to build a complete Product strategy.

No matter your role, if you are already working in Software development or have experience in Sales, Customer Support or Marketing, you’re a great fit.

If you are a Project Manager who wants to grow in Strategy definition over tactical practice, you’re a great fit.

People who wants to work in the Software industry: Product Management is a great and simple way to enter the industry.

Who is not a great fit?

Young professionals (< 2 years of professional experience) and Students: Product Manager positions are rarely open to junior profiles.

People who want to manage physical products: we are focusing on software products.

Product Managers with years of experience and knowledge: we are focusing on helping new Product Managers.

Product Leaders: if you’re looking for solution for your entire team, contact us, we have better suited solutions for you.


What our alumni said

I can now confidently say that Linky Product blew it out of the water!

The course itself was structured in a logical way. I felt like I was given the tools and the ultimate roadmap on how to proceed and succeed. Linky Product provided me with the motivation and tactical skills I was missing to dive head-first into my own budding product career. Soon after completing the course, I was indeed hired as a Product Manager!
Olivia Rossi ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Product Manager @Startupfest & FWD50
Building products is what I like to do after all I am a full stack developer evolving in the startup area.
But I really wanted to understand the keys that actually make a product successful, understand what customers want, optimize value and prioritize features implementation when you have limited resources.

The Linky Product Bootcamp gave me this understanding alongside tools and methodology to focus on the right thing at the right time to deliver value.
Benjamin Marquis ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Full Stack Developper & Scrum Master @Spockee

Our promises for you

Enjoyable content

We redacted the entire course to be easy and fun to read. The slick visuals and natural tone will make you feel like we are speaking to your best friend, around a coffee or a beer.

An unfair advantage

You will practice and build a complete Product Strategy to add to your portfolio. This will put you in a way better position when looking for a job!

Like your best friend

We won't let you down! You'll have access to your instructors and community on Slack. You'll never be alone: we will answer to all the questions you may have.


Meet Valentine & Albin

Your caring Product Coaches!

Valentine Hoyet

Coach Product Manager

Valentine is a Senior Product Manager, with a deep and strong background in UX Design. Always having the human first in mind when making a decision, she is a very talented Product Manager and a natural leader.
Valentine worked in a very diverse set of international companies: Capgemini, Orange Business Services, BDC, Ubisoft… During these experiences, she served a lot of big clients – she definitely knows how to tackle Products challenges in large companies with huge customer bases.
When she is not managing amazing Products, Valentine cooks a lot, or she is searching for a new wonderful restaurant to discover.


Albin Poignot

Coach Product Manager

Albin is a Senior Product Manager, with an extended background in Software Development (Android). He loves to take risks and testing new things. He knows how to leverage his background and qualities to successfully lead initiatives and new Products.
Albin worked for big companies, like Capgemini or Ubisoft, as well as startups like Koolicar or Lightspeed. Thanks to this, he knows how to adapt the best practices of large companies to startups, and vice versa.
When he needs to rest a little, Albin is riding a motorcycle to discover new places. Or he is evading in the virtual worlds of his favorite video games.

They trusted us


Hands-on Product Management Online Bootcamp

CA$ 1,499


All the content is in a written form, with a lot of slick visuals and simple but powerful templates. You will have instant access to the entire content and you can read it all right away.

We recommend following the order of the chapters so that you learn the process in the right order.

We created the most complete and digestible program.

Valentine, one of our instructors, studied Cognitive Psychology. She worked hard on creating the perfect balance between simply written theory, explanatory visuals, and activities to apply and practice.

Everything is thoroughly thought so you can grow quickly and efficiently.

You will be able to join our Slack Community. You can ask your questions there, your instructors will answer them.

This is a completely self-paced course, it completely depends on you. You can read all the content in a week or over a 6-month period.

Reading the content will take around 9 hours. The activities will take an average of 1 hour each. So the entire program would take an average of 31 hours to complete.

Yes 🙂 You can get packages of coaching hours (at additional cost) where you can discuss these topics with the instructor of your choice.

You don’t need any specific expertise to take this course. Product Management is made for everyone, as soon as you know how to leverage your existing knowledge.

We do think that being Product Manager and landing your first job requires some knowledge of company structures and organizations. 2 years or more of professional experience is often a pre-requisite when applying for jobs.

You can still take the course first, so that you know the mindset that you need to develop to eventually become a Product Manager.

We are pretty sure this won’t happen.

However, we are offering a full refund if: 

  • You purchased the course less than 15 days ago
  • You read less than 15% of it

Simply send us an email to contact[@]linkyproduct.com

When you have 100% completed the course, you can send us a request to receive a certification by email: contact[@]linkyproduct.com

We will send it to you as soon as possible 🙂

You can also show to the world and add it to your LinkedIn profile using our School which is referenced on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/school/linky-product-bootcamp