Product Management online bootcamp

9 weeks (2h weekly)

Learn by practicing with Linky Product's coaches to boost your career or change your career and become a software Product Manager:

  • Learn the mindset,
  • Master the best Product Management tools,
  • And practice on practical cases during workshops.


A human experience that will take you further in
your career


At the end of this 9 weeks bootcamp that we are going to spend together, you will be equipped to become a Product Manager and build a powerful and measurable product strategy

Build a powerful product that meets the real needs of users while taking into account business objectives will hold no secrets for you.

Finally, you will know how to collaborate with all stakeholders to lead them in the same direction and get them aligned, thanks to the tools we will have used on real cases.

Bootcamp curriculum on 9 weeks

Each week, a module will be unlocked for you, and you will be able to learn the fundamentals of the job at your own pace. We will then meet to practice with practical cases during workshops. We will go through every lifecycle stages of a product and the best tools to use.


1. Introduction & discovery of your strenghts

Be aware of the value of your experiences, define your personal goals, and live the experience of being a Product Manager.


2. Role, responsibility and positioning

Understand the mindset and the role of Product Managers on a daily basis as well as expectations & differences with other roles (PO, Project).


3. Product maturity and associated strategies

Analyze the life cycle of a product, the development phases, and introduction of the tools used at each stage.


4. The Why, the users and the market

Build a Product Business Canvas to target and share the vision: the real problem, the users, the competitors, and the product value.


5. The solution, Product design and user feedback

Get started on user-centered design (UX / UI) and prototyping to effectively share ideas and collaborate well with design teams.


6. Business objectives and performance metrics

Define the objectives and metrics of product success and learn to follow the right metrics using the best-selected tools.


7. Priorities, iterations
and MVP

Effectively define priorities to deliver high-value scope for users. Learn how to build an MVP that makes sense.


8. Roadmap, Agile methodologies & Scrum

Effectively present priorities with a roadmap. Learn to deliver efficiently with your product teams, thanks to Scrum.


9. Communication and collaboration

Position yourself and communicate as a Product Leader. Engage your teams and top management. Present in a suitable and effective manner.


  • Get the Product Management mindset: Understand, Build, Measure, Iterate
  • Get tools to succeed as a Product Manager and to make decisions based on data
  • Learn to link user needs and business objectives
  • Align stakeholders and teams on the same strategy


  • Understanding of Product Managers mindset
  • Understanding of the role of Product Managers in a company
  • Mastery of key tools of Product Management 
  • Mastery of the steps to take in order to efficiently manage a Product in every context

A typical week of Linky Bootcamp

Booster mail

Thursday morning

Every Thursday morning, Linky Product coaches will share with you:

  • The objectives of the week that we are going to reach together
  • The access to the new module of the week, with the list of tools that we will learn to master
  • And their Linky inspirations of the week, whether it is inspiring products, new methods, inspiring people, or even music

Online course

From Thursday to the next Wednesday

From Thursday to the next Wednesday, you will discover the new module at your own pace

  • An introduction to each method and tool associated with the theme of the week
  • Practical examples to understand how to apply these tools
  • Templates and diagrams to learn the mindset of Product Managers
These 9 modules will then be accessible at any time so that you can come back to them as soon as you need them.

Practical online workshop

Wednesday evening

Every Wednesday evening, we will meet for the collective coaching workshops lasting 2 hours. The objectives are:

  • Apply the methods and tools to a practical use case
  • Learn in a fun way the best practices of Product Management
For these 9 workshops, we will meet on Google Meet to create a synergy between the coach and the participants of the cohort (8 attendees maximum).
Each workshop will consist of a series of 4-5 exercises, which we will do in an interactive way using the Miro whiteboard tool. At the end of the workshop, all the material that we will have built together will be consolidated and shared in a PDF file.

Individual personalized coaching

After the 9 weeks

After you have mastered the 9 modules and practiced during the 9 collective coaching workshops, we suggest to take time with you individually:

  • 2 sessions of 30 minutes of individual coaching to work on your context
  • The objectives of these two sessions will be set together (set up a tool, an organization, prepare your CV and interviews, …)

Why choose Linky Bootcamp?

Experienced coaches

Years of experience in software to guide you step by step and coach you.

Practical workshops

Practical exercises, fun and real cases to master the tools of Product Management.

Simple approach

A simple, understandable, and powerful way to learn the fundamentals of this discipline.

Always available

Coaches are available on Slack to answer all your questions as they arise.

Easy schedule

Learn with a schedule tailored to your workweek, with only 2h of workshop weekly.

Collective intelligence

A human and caring approach to grow together and share experiences.

Who is it for?

Product Manager and Product Owner already working at a "Product role" who wants to reinforce their knowledge, or better control their positioning
Designer, UX Designer or UI Designer who wants to develop their career in the Product Management area
Developers, DevOps or any other technical profile who wants to develop their career in the Product Management area
People working in Sales, Marketing, Customer Success or Support departments who want to give a new start to their career and want to manage a Product
Entrepreneurs and founders who want to understand and master the Product Management practices to better develop their Product
Any other person who wants to reorient his or her career to the Product Management area applied to softwares

Next sessions

We will be happy to meet you to discuss your personal goals.
This 30-minute meeting is part of the process. It ensures that the bootcamp will meet your expectations, and it is also an opportunity to meet one of our coaches and answer all your questions.


Starts on May, 2021

Collective workshops every Wednesday evening from 5pm to 7pm

$2,999 *

* Plus applicables taxes. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

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Want to go there independently and at your own pace?

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